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ABC/123 is a year round program that is offered in 6 week sessions. 

All registration is accepted through the Town of Queen Creek Recreation Annex.

All Session Dates are subject to change. 

Please Visit for information. 

Session Dates 2023

Session 7

April 3rd - May 17th



May 31st -  July 14th

Session 1​​

July 24th - August 18th

Session 2

August 21st  - September 29th

Session 3

October 9th - November 17th



November 27th - December 20th

Session Dates 2024

Session 5

January 8th - February 16th

Session 6

February 21st - April 5th

Session 7

April 8th - May 15th

Please keep in mind that registration is accepted on a first come, first serve basis through the Town of Queen Creek Recreation.

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